Skid Steer

Skid Steer Operator Training

Course Description:

This program is designed for Skid Steer operators, to train individuals in the fundamentals of heavy equipment operations. It will provide those with the background, insight, and practice that is necessary in the construction industry. The Skid Steer Training Course is a course which provides students and employees with the basic knowledge and skills needed to safely operate a Skid Steer. The course is on-site at your facility, with your equipment. Teaching methods include heavy ‘hands-on’ participation, visual aids, text and equipment operation. Students will be required to practice and demonstrate proper and safe use of the bucket while performing outlined tasks. Program is progressive and thus the instructor will introduce exercises of increased complexity and difficulty.

At the conclusion of this program students should be able to demonstrate safe operation of Skid Steer as required by the OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standard.

Course Duration:

  • 1-2 Hours (Theory and Practical Evaluation)

Program Outline:

  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Standard Federal Requirements 29 CFR 1926
  • Utilities , Pedestrian awareness
  • Basic principles: Skid Steer design and operation
  • Parts of a skid steer Loader/Pre-shift inspection
  • Operation of skid steer
  • Fuel sources (Diesel / Gasoline)
  • General safety rules/guidelines
  • Summary (written test)
  • Practical evaluations – (Must Pass)


  • performing of pre-shift inspection
  • maintenance procedures
  • safe operating techniques
  • load handling/selection
  • safety
  • extensive hands-on training and application


  • Must Pass Written Evaluation
  • Must Pass Practical Evaluation

Class Size:   Classes generally range in size from 1-20 students

Tuition : Call for Tuition  ½ price when done with another safety training