Safety Training

What All Employers Must Know!

David Uhlmann, former top environmental advisor in the justice Department, now working as an Environmental law Professor at the University of Michigan, has proposed the following OSHA REFORM :

• Upgrade criminal safety violations by employers from misdemeanors to felonies.

• Increase criminal safety penalties for injuries and endangerment instead of just death.

• Enhance penalties up substantially from the present $132,598 maximum for willful violations.

• Change present “vague” definition of an employer to allow prosecution of responsible Corporate officers and supervisors.

• Provide more law enforcement resources to prosecute criminal cases

It's the Law!

It’s not a matter of when; it’s how much will this cost us! This new OSHA administration calls for higher fines and more criminal charges against the employer. The Forklift training must be done to protect and prepare your company. Forklift safety training is OSHA Law & a Worker’s Compensation requirement. You could be fined if you are not in compliance with these laws, Worker’s Compensation will not cover you unless you are in compliance.

Non-Compliance and willful violations can result in a minimum fine of $12,471.00

The shift away from classroom training and towards computer-based training has recently led OSHA to again emphasize that the “use of computer-based training is not sufficient to meet the intent of the standard’s various training requirements.” This statement comes from an internal OSHA directive to its compliance officers (inspectors) (CPL 02-02-079) . This very direct statement is found in the instructions to OSHAs (inspectors) and clearly indicates that computer-based training is NOT SUFFICIENT and would result in a Serious Violation of the OSHA regulations. Training must be site and equipment specific.


It is the employer’s responsibility to train, evaluate, test, and authorize all Forklift, Aerial lift, Narrow Aisle equipment, Electric Pallet truck and BOBCAT operators.

Training evaluations are the employer’s responsibility, regardless of previous experience and prior training. Training and evaluations must be site and equipment specific and licenses are nontransferable. Training must be enforced to all employees who operate equipment including any temporary agency employees and business owners are not exempt.

The employer is required to provide certification that all operators have been trained and evaluated on site and on equipment specific to the site as required by OSHAS 29CFR1910.178. and Workers Compensation requirements. All documentation of training must be maintained on the premises.

Refresher training on relevant topics is required to be provided to an operator when:

• License expires or becomes invalid

• The operator has been observed operating in an unsafe manner, accident or a near miss accident.

• The operator is assigned to operate a different type of truck.

• A condition in the workplace changes in a manner that could affect the safe operation of the truck.

OSHA & Worker’s compensation requires all employees operating forklifts to receive training in accordance with OSHA 29CFR1910.178

• Onsite Training “we come to your facility or job site”
• Only certified instructors trained by Forklift Safety Training Inc will conduct operator training certifications
• Our two hour training program includes
• DVD / Video
• Power point visual presentation
• Training manuals & handouts
• Hands on technical & practical training
• Professional written & operational driving test

Upon completion you will receive :
• Wallet size license
• Certificate of completion
• All written & driving tests, workbooks ,etc
• Pre-operational Checklists & Lock out tags
• A complete SAFETY file (employer)

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